What must i do when my vehicle causes an accident in another ECOWAS member State ?

You should keep in mind that your ECOWAS Brown Card covers you as soon as you cross the borders of your territory of habitual residence. Therefore, when an accident occurs, here are the steps to take to fully benefit from the advantages that your card gives you :

  • Report the accident immediately to the nearest police station
  • In the event that another vehicle is involved or if there is an injured person, you will need to note :
    1. The full names and addresses of the owner, driver and insurers of the vehicle,
    2. the registration number of the vehicle.
  • Report the accident to the National Office of the country in which the accident occurred.

    It should be kept in mind that this National Office, as the representative of your insurer, is obliged to provide you with effective assistance.

    As soon as you contact him, this National Office, in its capacity as the Office Manager, will undertake all the formalities relating to the usual surveys and the evaluation of the damages, without waiting for a formal complaint against you.

    It is this Office that will notify the occurrence of the accident to the Issuer Office (ie the National Bureau of your country) who will in turn inform the Insurance Company that issued you your ECOWAS Brown Card.